Water conditions. Chesil beach currently has wavelets with a small amount of surf, water clarity is good. Portland and Portland Harbour is a bit more exposed to the NE wind that is currently rising to 15mph, making fishing on the East side a bit uncomfortable. Water clarity on the East side is milky, with quite a bit of weed in the water. Weymouth high tide is at 1.38pm with just a s mall 1.39m tide.

For a full forecast of expected catches have a look at yesterdays report https://fishingtails.co.uk/?p=229

I have had quite a few people ask me if the Bass are around yet. They are around Kimmeridge and Worbarrow Bay, but not really around Portland or Chesil yet. I don’t really expect them to reach Portland until the end of the month.

Yes I have caught Bass this week, but the conditions were perfect and everything was in place for a good catch , but looking at the weather and tides for the next few days, nothing really lines up.


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