A lovely Dorset day and I am stuck at work; at least for the next couple of hours. Conditions are forecast to remain the same for tomorrow as well, so we should be in for a good couple of days fishing. Smaller tides tomorrow may mean that you are going to struggle a little to get the Plaice to feed on the beach, but smaller plain weights and lighter tackle should see current catch rates maintained. It is certainly worth looking at baits with a bit more scent to them. Peeler crabs if you are willing to pay the price for them, or are lucky enough to have access to them. Otherwise fresh Mussel is a great and much cheaper alternative.

Wind forecast:  W 5mph. Current wind: W 5mph

Sea conditions:  Very little swell and a slight ripple on the surface, the water has cleared nicely on the beach, but rock marks on Portland and Kimmeridge Bay still have a lot of weed on them. Water tempreture is still  9.8*c. Weymouth HW 12.30 am  1.5m high.

Shore fish forecast: Still enough tidal movement to attract the Smoothounds that have been a bit early this year. I would not be so confident on getting them on Saturday and Sunday, as they really do like quite a bit of movement. Night tides will be the best and you have a good chance of picking up a Ray, especially at the western end of the beach.

Plenty of Mackerel about and the odd Bass coming in close.

Portland: Water clarity will mean that results will not be as good as hoped, but this shold clear through out the day and into tomorrow. Then good bags of Pollock and Wrasse can be caught around the Bill and Chine. Still plenty of nice size Rockling being caught and reports of a nice Conger.

Boats: The charter fleet are all out and about and catching lots of fish, both on the Shambles and the offshore Wrecks. Mostly Pollock on the wrecks still. Small boat owners and Kayakers could have a great chance to catch some nice fish from the inshore marks. Reports from spear fishermen are claiming that there are some big Bass on the outside of the Harbour wall. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to cast some lures towards the rocks.

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