I will keep this forecast short and sweet.

It is windy and wild out there. Stay at home with your fishing magazines and make some rigs up for the next time that you can get out again.

Wind is SW 30mph gusting 45mph. Chesil Beach is unfishable as is most of Portland. The water is very coloured, so much so that I doubt it will clear by Sunday, so if you are thinking of travelling down to Chesil for some Mackerel then you will be wasting your time. Bass fishing may well be good when the wind dies down a bit tomorrow, but the Sea conditions will take a bit longer to settle down.

Portland Harbour and Weymouth Beach will provide areas of shelter, but the water is coloured on both those beaches.

Kimmeridge will be very coloured so no good for lure fishing, but Winspit could prove a good bet for Bass and Ray. As usual big baits preferably crab will target the best fish.

Boat Fishing: Don’t even think about it for a couple of days.

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