Wind forecast: WSW 10mph, dropping to less than 5mph. Current wind: as forecast

Sea conditions: lovely and calm with a small ripple. Clear water 8.9*c  Weymouth HW 5.48pm 1.93m high.

Shore fish forecast: Looks good! Medium sized tides building up to a spring in a few days time. These are the optimum tides for Plaice and Ray fishing at Abbotsbury, West Bexington and Cogden. I would not rule out Hive beach either as that could produce as Bass as a bonus. Best baits at the moment are Ragworm tipped with Black Lug or Squid, or for those that can get them Mussels are doing really well.

These are also nice tides to try for an early Smoothound. Peeler Crab or Hermit are the best baits for these super charged dogfish 🙂

Mackerel are around in decent enough numbers now to make it worth while having a go. The early Mackerel shoals often have Herring in amongst them. Use small Sabaki lures that you would use for Sandeels.

Portland will be a good bet for Pollock and Wrasse. In Portland harbour it is well worth a go on the lures for the first of the Bass (see the catch report from the weekend for more details).

For those prepared for a bit of a walk with a bag of lures then try Lulworth or Warborow Bay for a Bass. Try white redgill or a feed shallow. Reports of plenty of Bass being sited but no hook ups. This is also a good plaice to try fishing for Pollock, and for those that like a challenge you could try for a Wrasse on a lure.

Easy fishing can be had from Weymouth Stone Pier, with plenty of small species all the way along.

Boat forecast: Plaice and Turbot from the Shambles and big Pollock, ling Conger and Cod from the wrecks. I expect to see more Turbot again this week.

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