After a great day out on the boat yesterday, I am set for an afternoons Bassing along the Purbecks.

The strong northerly winds forecast for today have not materialised, so fishing should be excellent again today.

Wind forecast: Every direction except south with a maximum of 12mph. Current wind: NE 5mph

Sea conditions:  slight ripple with little swell, with very clear water on all marks , 9.4*c Weymouth HW 6pm  1.92m high. nice size tides for everything.

Shore fish forecast: loads of Plaice and Dabs from Abbotsbury through to Cogden. Today’s tide should produce even more. Those that can’t blast a bait 100yds will still be in with a chance today. Baits are going to be Ragworm and Squid as usual. If you are feeling adventurous try tying on some uncooked prawns from the supermarket. We had great success with them on the boat yesterday. Using a Dvice will get them out there safely without flying off the hook.

Night time fishing all along the beach is producing nice Smoothound with lots of Dogfish and Pout. Mackerel are in abundance along with the odd Herring.

Portland is really fishing well for Pollock and Wrasse, with catches of well over 20 Pollock in just a couple of hours. Without a doubt the best method is to lure fish. White Sidewinders proving to be deadly.

Will Harding with a lovely lure caught Wrasse on Portland Bil


Boat forecast: Excellent chance of fish including Turbot and Plaice if you are out with the Weymouth charter fleet. Smaller tides and excellent weather are a great combination for smaller boats to get to marks that are normally out of there reach. Some nice Smoothound and Spurdog should come from the Adamant shoal. I am always amazed that visiting boats often sail right past the Adamant. Yes its a bit of a detour, but check out your tide tidal flow tables and spend a couple of hours on the Adamant. I am sure you wont be disappointed.

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