Wind forecast: E 15mph, dropping to 10mph later. Current wind: as forecast

Sea conditions: A little bit of surf with a small ripple. Clear water 9*c Weymouth HW 7.15pm 2.15m high.

Shore fish forecast: Not a bad forecast for today. Although we are on spring tides they are not huge tides. Plaice fishing at West Bexington and Abbotsbury will not be at its best until the slacker water periods, the chance of a Smoothound or two is greatly increased, Peeler Crab or Hermit are the best baits for the hounds and Ragworm tipped with Black Lug or Squid for the Plaice.  Or if you can get it Mussels.

Mackerel are around in decent enough numbers now to make it worth while having a go. The early Mackerel shoals often have Herring in amongst them. Use small Sabaki lures tht you would use for Sandeels.

Portland will be a good bet for Pollock and Wrasse. In Portland harbour it is well worth a go on the lures for the first of the Bass, especially as the easterl wind will kick up a bit of a surf in the harbour. Try Sandsfoot Castle beach.

Despite sitings of plenty of Bass on a number of the Kimmeridge marks, they just seem to not be interested in any offerings of either bait or lures. It is likely they are concentrating on the maggots and bugsnin the sea weed.

Easy fishing can be had from Weymouth Stone Pier, with plenty of small species all the way along.

Boat forecast: The bigger tides have made the drifts on the Shambles a bit too fast to effectively catch the Plaice and Turbot on there. This will be pretty much the same until Sunday, so if you are thinking about towing your boat down for a Turbofest, you migt want to reconsider your options.

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