One of the things that makes Fishing Tails unique as a site is that we don’t just tell you whats been caught, we try to forecast what’s going to be caught. Well this week I am going to put my neck on the block again and predict that we will see several big Bass coming from the shore. I was right about the Cod the previous week and I am sure that given the strong South Westerly winds we are going to have on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will see some big Bass coming from Chesil. There are plenty of Bass around and once that surf builds up on Chesil and the bait fish get battered against the shore, as well as crabs, worms and other pieces of food get churned up. The Bass will move in very close. All those mackerel heads that have been rotting on the high tide line, will be pulled into the water. Big Bass are lazy. They would rather just swim along and hoover up easy pickings than chase fish.  I make no apologies for re-using the following pictures of Bass caught on Mackerel heads, just 10yds out in just such conditions.


Pauls 11lb 14oz Bass on Peeler


Bass Gavin

Two 11lb Bass in rough conditions. So lets talk you through it. First and foremost, don’t take any risks. Chesil is a very dangerou beach when it is rough. Keep back from the waters edge and never enter the water to try and retrieve any fish, no matter how big. Use big baits and keep them close. Mackerel heads, whole squid, Whole hermit or peeler crab are all great baits. Use a Pulley Pennel rig or and Up and Over with 4/0 or larger hooks. Use an extra long shock leader. This will help bully a big fish out of the surf. Set your clutch so that a big fish can take line if it needs to.

Its not all about Bass though, as the main run of summer fish are here. Ben Stockley fished the Ferrybridge area, my more favoured end of the beach and had a good selection of species including Bream Gurnard and Smoothound. 13669709_546882655520271_7190237921775489730_n

Jonny Finn reported a Hound fest on Friday, when he traveled to Abbotsbury. He had 10 Smoothhound including one on his first cast. He also had a nice Bass and a Conger. He said the Smoothounds were taking anything that he put in front of them. I was pretty annoyed as I had managed to get some live Peeler and didn’t manage a rattle at West Bexington, well done Jonny, keep the reports coming.

Jonny Finn Bass

Chesil Beach: slight swell with clear water

Portland: small swell with clear water

Portland harbour: Calm and clear water

Weymouth Bay: calm with clear water

Chesil Beach forecast: we need to split the week up to look at the forecast. Today, Thursday and Friday you should be able to get into your typical  Chesil summer catch as shown in the picture below. Smoothound, Bream and Gurnard should be around, with plenty of Mackerel showing.


Tuesday and Wednesday is a different matter. It will be rough and Bass are likely the only species you are likely to get.

Portland: Expect Wrasse, Pollock, Garish and Bass from all round Portland.

Portland Harbour: I was fishing the harbour last night and early this morning. It was full of Scad and Mackerel. They seemed to be everywhere. They were easy to catch on small metal lures. There is a good chance of a Bass on lures as well.

Weymouth Bay: Lots of fish  coming from the piers. Night sessions at Preston and Bowleaze could well produce Rays and Bass

The piers will be pretty busy now that the school holidays have started. If you are looking to introduce your kids to fishing, then the piers are ideal starting places. They have lots of small fish that are really easy to catch, but you get plenty of decent fish in amongst them. Float fish a strip of Mackerel for Pollock, Garfish and Mackerel.

Guiding: The new guiding season is underway once again. Although we can only keep one Bass, we can certainly catch more. I am hoping that the winter fishing ban and the new commercial quotas, combined with an increase in the minimum landing size, will make for some great Bass fishing. I specialize in lure fishing and I am offering Fly fishing this year as well. I am still more than happy to go after the multitude of species in this area with bait, whether that is big Wrasse, explosive Smoothound fishing or targeting the tastier fish such as Plaice and Bream. If you want to book a session or find out more information drop me an email at

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