This seems to be a weekend ritual now as we have had almost the same conditions for the past 3 weeks on a Friday. Strong SW winds will basically make Chesil almost unfishable today, but they will drop down tomorrow, which should make for some great Bass fishing again. We have had huge shoals of Mackerel on Chesil this week, making the sea boil. I love the site of bait fish being driven onto the beach by the predators. If you are thinking of coming down to try for Mackerel today or tomorrow then don’t bother it will be too dirty tomorrow when it does settle.

Wind forecast SW 28mph gusting 40mph.

Water Temperature: 13.9*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 9.18pm, 2.15m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Rough and coloured have a look at the video below.

Portland Bill:  West side is rough with dirty water, the further East you go the less coloured the water is though there still is a heavy swell.

Portland Harbour: Small waves along the shore but larger waves towards the breakwater and harbour entrances. Good water clarity.

Weymouth Bay: Small waves with good water clarity.

Chesil Beach forecast: Unfishable

Portland: It will be a bit of a struggle to fish the Island today, however if you are prepared to go heavy then Chine and some of the other high marks will produce fish with Wrasse being the main daylight species, then as darkness falls you have a good chance of a big Conger or Bull Huss.

Portland Harbour: A number of good possibilities here, for shelter with a chance to get some good fish. If you are willing to put up with the wind then fishing along the Beach road to the sailing academy could well produce a nice Thornback and certainly some Flounder and the odd Bass. The area from Ferrybridge to Sandsfoot Sailing Club is a better option for Bass and Gilthead Bream. Crab and Mussel are the best bait for Gilthead Bream. You will also pick up Bass on Crab or Ragworm, though worm does not seem to attract the larger specimens. Try shallow or surface lures along there for the better Bass.

Weymouth Bay: Reports of plenty of Mackerel from the pier (no feathering allowed) and some nice Bass falling to lures this week. This is going to be a good spot to get out of the worst of the wind and you should be able to find lots of different species.

Boat and Kayak fishing. The charter fleet will not be out today, but they might get out tomorrow if it dies down enough. Small boats and Kayaks that can launch into Portland Harbour should be able to do well in the slightly deeper water, especially around the drop of shelf. I would think that it might be a bit rough to fish the harbour entrances for Pollock and Mackerel. I seen some pictures that the French sailing team took of some Cod that they had caught on the other side of the harbour wall from a Dingy. I had a fantastic session on my friends boat on Wednesday which I will put up in a separate post.




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