The Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool


If like me your hands are not as dextrous as they used to be this handy little tool does one job and one job only, namely it makes the tying of leaders to mainlines an absolute doddle. It used to take me 15 minutes to tie a leader, sometimes more if my hands were really bad, so as a consequence I often went without!

Since I started using the Sokkou Knot Tool I can easily tie my leader to the mainline in double quick time. To illustrate this  I carried out a little speed test with Sean, using the tool I can consistently tie and trim my leader in under a minute my fastest time being 45secs, Sean tying an Albright is round the 1 min 45 secs! Remember this is me with a gammy hand, with practise I’m sure most people could do better than my time!  If you are using superline like NanoFil you will have to a double Albright so the time differential is even greater!


Push the button to slide out the hook!

This is how you use it. (In fig.3 make sure you hook the tag end of mainline and the main piece of the leader)sokkou_knot_tool_instructions

So its simple, cheap and it does a great job of tying leaders to mainline even super slick ones like Berkley’s NanoFil, whats knot to like!

Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool
4.5 Total Score

Simple, tough and very effective tool to tie braid/superline to leaders


Has a lanyard hole but none supplied


Accurately and easily ties NanoFil and briad to fluoro or mono

Build Quality

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