Stories about fishing are as old as the waters that hold them. Before starting on a fishing adventure, you might need some quality books to help you with some important aspects of fishing. Be it a story exploring some rich, deep history or an account educating you about the right techniques and expanding your knowledge. So, here we provide you our top 5 picks of audiobooks on fishing to help utilize your time away from the water efficiently.

How to think like a fish

Think like a fish, written by Jeremy Wade, beautifully illustrates the significance of life and fishing simultaneously. The story revolves around incredible stories, fishing guidance, living a prosperous life, the whole new scientific procedure, and last but not least, about fish. Wade is an extraordinary mentor who inspires readers to learn something new and engage themselves in an entirely new journey while reading.

The tale depicts the perspective of an angler and how the life of fishers swirls around the fish. The audiobook is even more fascinating and intriguing for the viewers because of the educational aspects of the series and the adventure trips of the fishermen. You will amaze to see how fisherman surveys various locations and plans different techniques to catch fish. If you enjoy fishing and want to know more about science and other events that occur with an angler, this audiobook will surely touch your soul and heart. The ultimate message was not just to know about fishing but also to get involved in the whole new process and enjoy it thoroughly.

The Last Fish Tale

This story is fascinating and pessimistic at the same time. It shows how the coastal community perspective is completely changing towards fishing, and thus this is giving rise to the depletion of fishes in the sea. The coastal towns Rockport, Newport, and Newfoundland to Florida once use to flourish by doing fishing. But Americans’ livelihood was solely disturbed, and they were forced to give up on their roots and culture of fishing and evolve into a tourist destination.

The tale starts in 1004 with the story of Gloucester. Around six years later, John Smith promoted Gloucester’s coast and tried to persuade the pioneers to create a new culture and improve their living way. After then, Gloucester started progressing, and new technology was formulated, such as a faster fishing boat and many more to make the industry stronger. But as we all know, everything has a good and a wrong side. The technology put the life of Gloucester at risk. Day by day, vessels become more prominent and more efficient that caused overfishing. The whole scenario provoked climate change and pollution, which we are still facing. The audiobook showcases real-life occurrences that will make you realize how important it is to preserve our culture to save our ecological balance.


Father Water Mother Woods

It’s a great audiobook that portrays various fictions on fishing and hunting in the north woods. The story describes a small town where a protagonist and his friend enjoy exploring fishing along the rivers. During various seasons these kids use to aim for different species of fish and hunt for it. The way the authors exhibit other characters showcasing their hard work and passion for fishing is awe-inspiring.

However, the adventure of fishing and hunting was quite intense in a small northern town where fishing and hunting was considered as one of the essential things. The narrator’s story will make you rethink the struggle he goes through after being a son of alcoholic parents that made him question existence—revealing how he and his other friends strived for salvation in the wilderness.

This is a short audiobook that holds a powerful punch at the end. It sways between some striking recreations of past incidence that will make you appreciate the storyline.

A River Never sleeps.

You can consider this audiobook as one of the most recommended fishing biographies. The author always had a keen interest in fish and fishing, which is visible through his huge collection of fish edition books. The leading character led a beautiful life where he got the opportunity to explore sport fishing. The explicit depiction of his love for rivers, forests, fishing, and people indicates how exciting and thrilling experience it was for him to participate in any of such sports events.


Haig Brown always knew how moving waters is one of the critical factors for life that carries infinite mysteries and endless stories with it. He had excellent knowledge about the traditional fishing process and sports, which we are hardly aware of. It covers different plots and predicament that will make you scour from the river to the river, moving down to the sea at last. This gives out a whole new different sight of angling like the joy of fishing in the thunderstorms, applying the excellent technique to catch half-glimpsed trout or salmon.

Trout Fishing in America

Trout Fishing in America by the author Richard Brautigan is one of the conventional stories. The plot interweaves around forty episodes that demonstrate different experiences in their vicinity. The first part of the story deals with the narrator’s childhood experiences that give out a sense of rare personality about his glossy imagination and differently viewing of life. However, the second aspect of the story includes trout fishing exploration that sometimes coincides with the childhood incidences.

The story’s actual theme refers to fishing for trout that will heal an anxious mind. Furthermore, the term trout fishing sometimes exemplifies the nature and beauty of fishing. While going through the fiction, you will encounter modern American life contradicting its culture.  Trout Fishing in America is best comprehended as poetry rather than fiction as it certainly signifies freedom, nature, originality, and a good sense of humor. That makes it much more convenient to know the exact emotion and knowledge of fishing through the audiobooks. The beautiful concept of this novel will never disappoint you.


These were our top recommendations for audiobooks on fishing, and with these, we hope you get what you’ve been looking for, whether it’s entertainment or in-depth knowledge about fishing.

Even if you know everything, there is nothing terrible about renewing your memories or knowledge. All the Audiobooks mentioned above have exciting plots and facts that will influence you to explore more about the fishing culture. You can check out our other interesting collections of audiobooks at


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