I always used to use just an ordinary backpack to store my endless amount of fishing gear on my back on a long tiring fishing session. After a few years of messy disorganisation, back pain and sometimes a wet bag(no good if you have electronics in it), I said enough is enough, it’s time for me to invest in a durable tackle bag that is light, strong, durable, spacey, organised and most important of all, PRACTICAL! So I went searching through the internet for a tackle bag that has a balance between affordability and quality. In the end I found the bag I was looking for. It was neat, stylish, looked like it could hold all my gear in an organised fashion without hassle. Remember when I said I was on a tight budget? Well I was very tight. However, it’s not entirely cheap as it does cost £30-40. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get it for free from the company to make this review! Enough introductions and let’s actually reveal which bag I am talking about!

The Piscifun Tackle Backpack.


So, What makes this bag any good? As a start, I’ll describe what I saw and felt Immediately after I opened the package from the mail. The bag was very well packed in a zip lock plastic package and it was neatly organized with it’s accessories.  No, odors except of what you’d expect a new bag to smell. That’s a very good first impression so far!

Another thing worth noting is that the fabric feels very strong, It’s not an average dyed fabric you’d see on most cheap tackle bags or simple backpacks. It actually feels military grade and that it can get abused on sharp rocks without worrying about wear and tear! It’s made out of Water-resistant 1000D high-density nylon fabrics. Which means it’s ideal for having electronics safe inside the bag. I did a water splash test with a bucket on the bag, nothing leaked inside and everything seemed to be safe and dry!



The zippers are very important on the tackle bag, as you do not ever want them to get stuck or fail. Now upon trying this bag out I could already tell the zippers are great compared to my old backpack. Buttery smooth from start to finish! Very important since when you’re holding your rod with one hand you want the zipper to unzip as smoothly and as low effort as possible. The zippers are SBS, which is a 32 year old company which manufactures high end zippers. In fact, SBS is only second behind on a global scale to YKK a Japanese zipper manufacturer. That means it’s always investing in research and development and the competition is fierce. So SBS zippers won’t fail you any time soon!



Practicality is what a tackle bag should have if anything else. You want to have access to all your gadgets and gear at all times and as quickly as possible without having to waste too much time and effort. This backpack kind of shocked me at how they put a lot of thought into even the tiniest detail to it. There’s a ridiculous amount of clips, straps and attachments you can hang things on. May it be a key-chain, pliers, fish grips, water-bottle and even a your rod… I’ll talk about these in detail. There’s in total, of 6 exterior sockets, 2 of which are meant for rods(which can fit a fish grip as I have seen that very useful), one for holding a water bottle, two for pliers and/or fish grips and an extra one also on the front of the bag above the small pocket compartment.





What makes these special is the safety and security of holding these crucial items. For example I once lost a pliers due to it falling out while I was fishing with my old bag. But with since this has extra safety straps to secure them with Velcro and straps it’s almost impossible to even lose them no matter how hard you try to shake them off(useful when you’re hiking on rocks to reach a fishing spot).

Space inside the bag is also important a lot. It comes in two sizes and I opted for the larger of the two, I like the space it has to offer I think it’s actually larger what I expected. I don’t carry too much stuff on me due to my old bag being such a pain. However, I do have quite a bit of tackle. And even with a large box of lures in the main large compartment, it can easily fit 2-3 more! It also has, two sleeves on each side in the main compartment, I think that’s ideal for storing lots of soft plastic packages, The second is the top pocket, Useful for storing multiple things actually, phone, chocolate bars to get some energy, line, small towel, whatever really. I found it good for storing snacks because Rock fishing can get tiring and energy bars are important. The second largest Pocket is spacey but I think it’s very limited. It’s ideal to storing wallets and personal items such as your fishing license and any documentation that’s needed. It can also fit a lot of soft plastic packages too, personally I put a lot of my electronics inside it as well as a lot of my terminal tackle such as hook packages, assist cords, split-rings, solid-rings, tinsels, or whatever essentials I need. Last but not least is the last pocket, it’s vert right on the front and above the logo, it’s tiny and I found it’s useful to put first aid in it if it’s ever needed.

A very overlooked feature in tackle bags is the safety reflective sticker, It’s not a sticker it’s more of an embedded strip on the bag which is very useful in emergency and low light situations, it reflects any light indicating your presence from a very long distance, this might save you in a life or death situation!



A minor thing it also has is Velcro on the front of the bag, cosmetics are all I could think could be used on it. Perhaps a name or flag. Maybe even more attachments that anyone could come up with.

Comfort is nothing short but spectacular. The back has a cushioning which also serves as an extra compartment. It’s soft and flexible giving your back less strain from the heavy amount of tackle you own. The shoulder straps are very well made, they’re widened so there’s more surface area over your shoulder to reduce strain. They’re as well cushioned with quality material so overall the bag is quite comfy to have on for a few hours.



Being versatile is another advantage, Two left/right exchangeable, adjustable and detachable shoulder straps. The main strap length can be extended up to 51.2”, while the associate strap can be extended to 36.2”. Can be used as Sling shoulder bag, backpack, handbag, chest bag, fishing tackle bag, travelling bag etc.


There are some cons to this bag. the bag is too confusing at times, there’s so much to do with it and there’s a lot of things such as straps and clips you don’t know the purpose that they’re made for. Mostly you’re left out to discover and/or get creative. Another downside is that there are no tackle boxes included, It would be nice to include custom sized lure boxes for the bag instead of searching for ones that fit just right. Apart from those, It’s hard to point out anything else.

So is the Piscifun tackle backpack the perfect backpack? IT IS and it’s sure worth the money! Anyone who uses it will get his money’s worth with this Bag for many many years.

Amberjack caught(later released safely) next to the bag. 


For full details on the latest price and available colours you can check out the following link Piscifun Bag

Thanks for Piscifun for giving us this opportunity to review the bag.


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