If the fog burns off today, it will be another fantastic day like yesterday. The tides are starting to get back to mid sized tides, which will improve the Plaice fishing at the western end of the beach.

Wind forecast: E 10mph.  Actual wind E 5mph

Water conditions: 8.7*c sea is calm with a slight ripple. Water clarity is slightly tinged with some sediment. Not sure where that is coming from as conditions have been settled for some time now. Clarity in Portland harbour and the east side of island and Kimmeridge Bay is even worse than on the beach.

Fish forecast: I would expect to see a lot more Plaice and Dabs being caught from Abbotsbury to Cogden. As the tide comes off the springs the time period for the Plaice to feed will increase. With Mackerel now showing in reasonable numbers, the Bass will come in after them in the next few weeks once they have finished spawning. Don’t be too surprised to find an early Smoothhound on the Beach.

Kimmeridge is still not producing much other than the odd Bass and some Conger at night.

Boat anglers should be in for a treat if you can get out on to the Shambles. There are plenty of Turbot out there as well as a few Plaice. If you have a small boat then there are plenty of Pollock in the harbour, especially on the Hood.

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