It is going to be another interesting weekend! The winds will be up and down the scale today, starting from strong this morning and dropping to almost nothing this afternoon. The calm spell will continue on to tomorrow morning, then the wind will pick up quickly, turning into a gale once more around midday on Saturday. This will last for around 24 hours. During that time the beach will be too dangerous to fish. However it is worth checking windguru regularly, as the forecast winds can change quite quickly. Due to the conditions on Sunday Andy Selby at Weymouth Angling Centre has made the difficult but sensible decision to cancel the Cod open competition.

Chesil with Brolly 2

The fishing has not been as good as anyone would have hoped for over the past few days. A few Codling have been caught, but certainly not in the numbers I would have expected. The tides are better this weekend, so the period that you can fish from now could produce some good catches just like the Cod I managed to catch the other day whilst out testing a sub £100 rod and reel combo (more about that next week)

rod and reel

I am sorry this is such a short report but I am up early today to go out Pheasant beating, my other great passion.

Sea Conditions: 

Water temperature 14.7*c.

Chesil Beach:  Rough with heavily coloured water and plenty of weed

Portland: 2m swell with  coloured and weedy water on the West. The East side away from the Bill is calmer with 1.5m waves.

Portland Harbour: Calm with mostly clear water

Weymouth Bay:  Calm with slightly coloured water

Chesil Beach forecast: It is looking good for plenty of fish on the beach again today. Having fished at multiple locations on Chesil over the past few days, I would say that Abbotsbury and Ferrybridge seem to be fishing the best.

Portland: Despite conditions Wrasse are happy to take your offering. The Bill and Church Ope Cove should fish well. The Cove will give you a better chance of additional species such as a Bass or a large Bull Huss.

Portland Harbour: Small tides are never the best tides for Portland Harbour. Expected species would be Flounder, small Wrasse and Mullet. If you are lucky there may be some Bass about.

Weymouth Bay: Preston beach or the piers will offer sheltered fishing and the chance of a good variety of species. Both marks allow you to fish with light gear.

Guiding & Lessons: Despite October being one of the best months for lure fishing for Bass, I still have quite a few days left.  Have a look on the guiding link at the top of the page or drop me an email for more details to

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