Those that braved the elements in the harbour this weekend were rewarded with some fairly good catches.

But it has to be said the harbour fishing is all but drawing to a close! As the last of the flounders move off to spawn.( any ideas where)???Screenshot_2014-12-21-18-59-15
It will be a case of scratching around the outer beaches of Southbourne,Milford bank or Hurst for any odd dogfish, whiting or the odd ray!!

For the next month or so, I myself  will dig out the heavy duty rock fishing gear and try the Purbecks for a conger at night. Marks like dancing ledge, Lulworth fossil forest and Tilly Whim on their day will produce conger of good size.

Tilly whim can be found by driving heading and  through swanage town. Turn left at the pevril Inn. From there head to the durleston county park National Trust pay and display car park. From there Tilly whim is sign posted to get to.

The fossil forest can be found by heading to Lulworth cove. Parking in the national Trust car park and walking around Lulworth cove. On the other side of the bay there is a set of wooden steps leading up to a grass track to the top of the cliff. From here head to the fence with a turnstile in it. From here the fossil forest is signposted. Down the steps to the forest ledge.

Dancing ledge is a little harder to find. Drive to and through Corfe Castle village. From there head up the purbecks to Langton matravers, once there turn right into Dunford drive cul de sac. At the end of this road is a small free car park. From here dancing ledge is signposted. All these marks are tackle hungry graveyards requiring heavy duty tackle. Leave that standard beach gear at home!!


All of these marks require fishing off of cliff ledges. They are very dangerous and should be treated as such.  The cliffs also restricts mobile phone signals. So if you do fish these marks follow a few simple rules:
1. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to get back!
2. Use a head torch. That way your hands are free to help clamber around!
3. Travel light as I have described in my previous post. Nearly all of these marks require a hefty walk to get to!!

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