The wind is dropping and the sea is calming down. This will put Chesil back into contention even for the anglers that struggle to cast. This might prompt people to actually get on the beach and fish. I can honestly say I have never seen Chesil Beach so empty for such a prolonged period. I do know a couple of guys that have been out and they have had good sessions with mixed bags, both from the Weymouth end of the beach and from Abbotsbury.

Water Temperature: 16.2*c             Weymouth High Tide: 10.01pm, 2.31m

Wind: SW 15mph  backing off to 7mph later this afternoon and into early evening.

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Small waves with a 1m swell. Plenty of weed all along the beach and the water has a bit of colour in it.

Portland: 1m waves. Water is lightly coloured

Portland Harbour: Calm. Water is clear

Weymouth Bay: Calm with the water clear.

Chesil Beach forecast: Mackerel should come back within casting range, especially by this evening as the colour drops from the water. Gurnard, Plaice and Bream can be caught using Ragworm tipped with Squid. Add some beads and attractors to increase your chance of a fish whilst the water still has some colour in it. Night time sessions seem mainly to be producing Dogfish and Pout. This year has been very good for Smoothound, but you really need to use Peeler Crab for them.

Portland: I am looking forward to water clearing so I can get back on the rock marks and test out my soft plastic lures on the Wrasse and Bass. Some nice Pollock have come on dusk sessions.

Portland Harbour: Wrasse and small Pollock are being caught around Ferrybridge. Mullet are plentiful around Sandsfoot Castle.

Weymouth Bay: Lots of different species coming from the Stone Pier, but nothing of any great size. It is a spot that Mackerel can be caught as the water normally remains clear. Please note that feathering for Mackerel from either of the piers in Weymouth is not allowed.

Boat & Kayak fishing: Not great boat conditions again today, but some of the Charter fleet will be out. I am hoping to get a Kayak at some time this summer and take advantage of some great marks within Portland Harbour. The harbour restrictions should be lifted on Monday allowing access to some of my favourite small boat marks like the Hood.

Olympic Update: The beach is still very empty and car parking at all the usual fishing marks such as Chesil Beach and Portland Bill all have plenty of spaces.

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