A bit of a grey start but hopefully the sun will break through to give pleasant fishing conditions.

Wind forecast SW 15mph, increasing to SW 20mph this evening. Current wind is SW 10mph.

Sea conditions: Wavelets, with very little swell. Water is clear on Chesil and around the Portland rock marks but coloured in  Portland Harbour., Kimmeridge has patches of coloured water with clear water of the deep water marks.  Temperature 10.4*c Weymouth high water 8.39pm 2.4m high.

Chesil Beach forecast: Mackerel in good numbers all along the beach. Abbotsbury has produced some very big plaice in excess of 5lb over the past few days, but the big tides will mean the feeding times are going to be limited. Still some nice Rays being landed at Hive with the chance of a Bass in close. It seems that the Smoothounds have not really graced us with their presence this weekend, with only a few being reported.

Portland: Plenty of Pollock and Wrasse falling to lures. When the tides start to drop back the Bill should be a good place to try for a Bass on lures. A few Garfish are starting to show on float fished Mackerel strips. Keep your hooks small, size 4 to 6 and fish only about 8 inches down.

Portland Harbour is annoyingly coloured. I say this as a lure fisherman. I know that there are a lot of Bass in the harbour at the moment, but the poor visibility means that the only effective way to target them is using bait. They have moved in to feed on the large number of bait fish and Peeler crabs that have started their moult.

Kimmeridge Bay: Perfect conditions for Bass and Mullet on lures and fly fishing. The big tides wash the maggots out of the seaweed. The fish are at very close range. A maggot imitation fly for the Mullet, and a surface lure such as a Z-Claw, Patchinko or a Gunfish. If you want to go sub surface then keep it shallow with a Feed Shallow of Sasuke.

Boats: it looks like quite a few boats have got out this morning after the Turbot and Plaice on the Shambles. Some very good catches of Plaice being reported from several boats. I am off wrecking tomorrow on Offshore Rebel after some early Cod, so there will be no fishing forecast tomorrow.

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