Lovely weather for the weekend with very little wind and plenty of sunshine. Mid sized tides should produce plenty of fish

Wind forecast N 10mph, dropping off to almost nothing for the weekend.

Sea conditions: Nice and calm on all beaches with a little bit of a swell that might effect anyone fishing the rock ledges on Portland.Still a bit of colour in the water but that should drop out by tomorrow. Water temperature 11*c. Weymouth high tide 12.21pm, 1.57m height.

Chesil Beach forecast:Mackerel fishing all along the beach, plenty have already been caught this morning, but please have a think when you are fishing for them, do you really need to bring 50 home with you? They don’t freeze well unless you are going to keep them for bait. Still plenty of Dabs, Flounder and Plaice coming from Abotsbury, Cogden and West Bexington. Smoothound and Rays on an evening tide. The Portland end of Chesil beach has seen the start of the Bream from the Landing Craft ad Checkpoint. Ragworm tipped with Squid is very good bait for Bream.

Portland: Still a bit coloured but it has cleared enough to allow the Wrasse to be able to seem the bait. Float fish work for Wrasse and Mackerel for the Pollock or try using white Sidewinder lures for everything including Bass. May is one of the best months for Big Conger Eels after dark. Heavy hear and large fish baits from Marks such as Blacknor and Chine often produce great results.

Portland Harbour and Weymouth Bay: Flounder, Bass, Mullet and a few Garfish can be caught all around Portland harbour. Preston end of Weymouth Beach could well produce Ray and Smoothound tonight. Crab for the hounds and Sandeel for the Rays. Easy fishing from Weymouth Piers will produce a lot of different species including Wrasse, Pollock, Pout and even some small Bream.

Boats: Brilliant conditions for boats and Kayaks of all sizes today, especially when the wind drops later this afternoon. Small boats and kayaks will have plenty of sport from Portland harbour, with Bass, Pollock and Mackerel. There is a big Kayak fishing competition going on at Swanage today, so it will be interesting to see the results from that.

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