With the wind much more settled now I can see some decent catches coming from Chesil over the next few days. Big tides should help with the Bream, but it is not such good news for the Plaice and Dab fishing towards Cogden.

Wind forecast SSW 14mph

Water Temperature: 15.3*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 6.18pm, 2.33m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Small waves but still a surf that can get up to 1m at times. There is a bit of Weed in Chesil Cove. Water has a milky tinge to it.

Portland Bill: Calm, but watch the swell on the rock ledges. Water is almost clear

Portland Harbour: Calm. Water is clear

Weymouth Bay: Calm, water is clear.

Chesil Beach forecast: We should start to see some Mackerel again as the water finally clears. The Beach has fished well for Bass over the past couple of days, but now that it has settled I would not expect to see many except at first and last light. I am hoping to get some Bream over the next day or two from the Ferrybridge area of the beach. Ragworm tipped with squid is always a safe bet. I will be trying with Peeler Crab as well and hopefully I might get a bonus Trigger fish. If you head West towards Abbotsbury and beyond you can expect Rays and Plaice, but with the big tides the Plaice fishing will be limited to the slacker water periods. Seaton and Charmouth have been producing some nice Ray to Sandeel and Mackerel.

Portland Harbour: With big tides fishing Ferrybridge can be very tiresome with the amount of weed that comes down from the Fleet. Try further along the beach towards Portland where there have been plenty of Flounders and some Thornbacks caught. I would expect to see Gilthead and Black Bream to show from the sandbanks in the harbour. Mussels and Peeler Crab for eh Gilthead and Ragworm for most other species.

Weymouth Bay: I have seen some lovely Mullet cruising along the Stone Pier and in the harbour. A few Bass are likely on the evening tides. Try rainbow pearl colour plugs such as Zonk 120 or IMA Sasuke. Other species expected on both piers include Pollock Wrasse and Garfish. All can be caught on  lures, especially soft plastic ones.

Boat and Kayak fishing: I am heading of on my friends boat this evening in search of Bass and Pollock. I am hoping we have as many species as when I went out last week. I am trying to target a Cuckoo Wrasse from the breakwater wall.




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