Right now the wind is pretty light and the sea is calm, but that is forecast to all change this afternoon as we have a period of around 12 hours of fairly strong winds. If you catch the start of the winds you might get an hour or so of good Bass fishing on Chesil with lures, after that the wind will be too strong. Tomorrow morning should be good for another go for the Bass. This time I will be targeting them with bait just behind the surf line. I will most likely head for Chesil Cove with a few Mackerel heads.

Water Temperature: 17*c             Weymouth High Tide: 6.11pm, 1.94m

Wind: SW 28mph gusting 38mph later this afternoon

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Currently (9am) the beach is calm with a 1m swell and the odd larger wave. The water is clear. This afternoon it will be rough with waves and swell exceeding 3m.

Portland: Calm with clear water 1m swell, but as above for this afternoon.

Portland Harbour: Calm with clear water. The wind will whip up small waves this afternoon

Weymouth Bay: Calm with clear water. Due to the protection from the SW the beach should remain calm.

Chesil Beach forecast: Fishing should be good this morning as the tides are medium sized giving just the right amount of flow in the water to keep the fish feeding for most of the day. However this afternoon is going to be interesting with the winds picking up to almost 30mph. Casting will be very difficult and will basically stop you reaching anything other than Bass at close range.

Portland: Wrasse, Pollock, Garfish and maybe a Bass from the Bill this morning, but be careful as the wind picks up this afternoon. If you pick your mark with care then  Pollock and Bass fishing with lures could be very exciting.

Portland Harbour: Sandsfoot Castle and the sailing club will provide sheltered marks, that should produce fish. Main species are likely to be Flounder, Garfish, Wrasse and small Bass. Ragworm baits will tempt most of the species except Garfish. Use flaot fished Mackerel strip for them.

Weymouth Bay: Stone Pier is another sheltered mark that will produce fish today. Easy fishing all along the pier. Either just drop a simple ball weight and hook down the side or float fish for the different species. If you try and cast out from the pier onto the seabed expect high tackle losses.

Boat & Kayak fishing: Most of Portland Harbour is open again. This has allowed me to fish some of my favourite marks on my new Kayak. The Southern entrance produced loads of Mackerel, Pollock, Garfish and three different species of Wrasse. The next boat trip that I am organising is on Tuesday the 21st of August. It will be a morning start for a 5 hour trip on the local banks and reefs for only £25. Email me if you are interested sean@fishingtails.co.uk


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