It is certainly blowing a bit this morning and as the video below shows, Chesil Beach is a no go. However by late this afternoon the wind will have fallen off a lot and the sea conditions will improve to make the beach fishable by this evening. Tonight and tomorrow morning should be good for another go for the Bass.  I will be targeting them with bait just behind the surf line. I will most likely head for Chesil Cove with a few Mackerel heads or some Peeler Crab if I can get it.

Water Temperature: 17.2*c             Weymouth High Tide: 6.11pm, 1.94m

Wind: S 20mph gusting 33mph. However as the day progresses the wind will drop right off and if the forecast is to be believed the wind will be very light for the next four days.

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Currently (9am) the beach is unfishable. Lots of weed and the water is very coloured.

Portland: West side is rough with a bit of colour in the water, the East side has a 2 to 3m high swell and lots of weed in the coves.

Portland Harbour: Calm with clear water, except around Ferrybridge when the tide iss ebbing, where the water coming out of the Fleet will be coloured.

Weymouth Bay: Small waves with clear water.

Chesil Beach forecast: No fishing until at least later this afternoon. Once the sea state settles down the Bass will remain in the dirty surf looking to feed up on anything disturbed. Use large baits to help them find the scent trail. Large lugworm, Mackerel, whole squid and Peeler Crab will all be effective. The rough weather often brings in a number of Rays, especially from West Bay, West Bexington and Seaton. Keep it simple with a single running ledger and Sandeels or Peeler Crab for best results. The dirty water will attract Dogfish and Pout during the daylight hours as well as in the dark. Don’t expect any Mackerel until the colour drops from the water.

Portland: Right now most of Portland will be too dangerous or weedy to fish. However if you are prepared to lose some gear and go heavy, then Chine should fish with the chance of a Bull Huss and depending on the colour of the water a Wrasse.

Portland Harbour: Sandsfoot Castle and the sailing club will provide sheltered marks, that should produce fish. Main species are likely to be Flounder, Garfish, Wrasse and small Bass. Ragworm baits will tempt most of the species except Garfish. Use flaot fished Mackerel strip for them.

Weymouth Bay: Stone Pier is another sheltered mark that will produce fish today. Easy fishing all along the pier. Either just drop a simple ball weight and hook down the side or float fish for the different species. If you try and cast out from the pier onto the seabed expect high tackle losses.

Boat & Kayak fishing: Portland Harbour is really going to be the only option for small boats and kayak fishing today. You could try going for Bass around the drop off marks on live prawn or lures. I have heard of a couple of Gilthead Bream and some Black Bream being caught by anglers fishing from a Kayak in the past couple of days. I might give a couple of marks that I used to fish from my boat a try from the Kayak. The next boat trip that I am organising is on Tuesday the 21st of August. It will be a morning start for a 5 hour trip on the local banks and reefs for only £25. Email me if you are interested You will need your own tackle as all of mine has been lent out already.

Lure Workshop: I have 2 spaces available for a lure workshop on the afternoon of Monday the 27th August. Drop me an email if you are interested.


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