I am guessing many of you have looked at the weather forecast for the next few days and thought I don’t fancy going out in that. I look at the conditions and it makes me almost tremble with excitement. I know that this is one of the best opportunities that I am going to get, to try and catch a big Bass and a few Cod in the same session. Yes it will be rough, but I am looking for the breaks in the weather and even if they are only going to be for 3 or 4 hours, I intend to take advantage of them. The first one looks like tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, so I have booked my Lugworm and Peeler Crab.

I know the first of the Autumn Codling have started to arrive. My friend Roger Morgan landed this plump fish on Saturday night and missed a few slack liners as well.

I mentioned Bass earlier, they are going to be my main target as my records show, this month has produced the best large Bass immediately after a storm. The best being this near 12lb Bass from my friend and fellow fishing guide Paul Black


I always favour live peeler crab or Mackerel heads at this time of year. The chances are, you won’t be able to cast out far with the wind in your face, but you don’t need to. Just get your bait clear of the surf line and your line won’t get buried under by the waves. I will be using an Up and Over rig with 4/0 hooks. Hopefully I will give live updates via social media whilst I am out and about. Just be aware to not get too close to the water as conditions could well be dangerous. I wear either a life jacket or flotation suit in rough conditions and never take any chances.

Bass and Cod are not the only species that will take advantage of the feast that the storm will stir up. Undulate Rays often come in when it calms slightly and there have been some lovely rays caught recently. Gav Cuthbertson had this 13lb Undulate on Whole squid recently, proving that there are a great diversity of species to be caught this month



Chesil Beach: Very rough and coloured. It will be unfishable on a number of days.

Portland: Rough with coloured water

Portland Harbour: wavelets with lightly coloured water

Weymouth Bay: wavelets with lightly coloured water

Chesil Beach forecast: The beach will be rough and coloured for most of this week. The main species will be Bass and Cod, but there are plenty of other fish around. As the conditions start to improve, you have a good chance of Gurnard, Rays and Conger, as well as Dogfish and Pout.

Portland Harbour: If you don’t want to face the high winds and rough conditions, then the harbour is a great choice. The water is clear enough for lure fishing. There are plenty of Mackerel, Garfish and some nice Bass around Ferrybridge, Sandsfoot and Castletown.

Those wishing to stick with bait can expect Flounder and Wrasse, as well as small Bass and Pollock. Float fishing strips of Mackerel will produce Garfish and Pollock.

Portland: Conditions are less than ideal for the island. The Wrasse don’t like rough coloured conditions and neither do Pollock. However is doesn’t deter Conger, Bull Huss and Bass. With the winds from the SW, Church Ope Cove should give reasonably sheltered conditions.

Weymouth Bay: Another option for those seeking shelter. September is a fantastic month for so many different species. The piers will produce, Wrasse, Pollock, Mackerel, Pout and Bream, to name just a few. Preston will produce Mullet, Garfish, Gurnard and different flat fish. The fish can all be caught at short range.

Guiding: I have a number of slots that I have opened up for guiding over the next couple of weeks. Bass, Wrasse, Garfish and Pollock on lures and fly, or just about every species on bait.

I specialize in lure fishing and I am offering Fly fishing this year as well. I am still more than happy to go after the multitude of species in this area with bait, whether that is big Wrasse, explosive Smoothound fishing or targeting the tastier fish such as Plaice and Bream. If you want to book a session or find out more information drop me an email at guiding@fishingtails.co.uk

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