Another rough day out there, which will limit where you can fish, but the plus side is when the wind dies tomorrow the chances of getting a Bass in that rough surf is going to be high. Still plenty of other places to fish and hopefully get some decent fish.

Wind forecast SW 33mph gusting 42mph

Water Temperature: 13.6*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 5.49pm, 1.80m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Rough and coloured. I will let the video speak for itself.

Portland Bill:  Rough and Coloured

Portland Harbour: Wavelets and surprisingly clear except around Ferrybridge where the Fleet runs into the harbour

Weymouth Bay: Wavelets with good water clarity.

Chesil Beach forecast: Unfishable

Portland: Unfishable on the West. Away from the Bill it is fishable on the East, but marks such as Church Ope Cove have a lot of weed in them.

Portland Harbour: One of the better marks to fish today. I would avoid Ferrybridge as everyman and his dog seems to have descended on there and there are a lot of wind and kite surfers around there. Try behind Welworthy social club and along to Sandsfoot Sailing club. As I mentioned earlier in the week, there have been some nice Thornback Rays showing in the harbour. My mate Fraser had one from his boat yesterday evening. Though he caught it from the boat, the mark I sent him to is well within casting distance of the shore. Ragworm and Squid is a good bait for a lot of the species in the harbour.

A 6lb Thornback from Portland Harbour on Squid

Weymouth Bay: Preston Beach and the Piers will all fish in this weather. Preston is a good bet for a nice Ray or even a Sole. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Boat and Kayak fishing. Whilst most of the marks are too rough to get to in a boat, those lucky enough to be able to get into the shelter of Portland harbour can enjoy lots of fun with Bass and Pollock from around the walls and reefs. Lure fish where the water is clear and you are onto a winner. You need a lure that will fish around 1 to 2m deep.


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