Fishing after a storm is normally one of the most productive times, especially during the autumn and winter months. I am desperate to get out and fish Chesil, as I have only been out a couple of times this week. Looking at the wind forecast, I think that Chesil will remain unfishable until late tomorrow afternoon. That then raises a few concerns, as it means that it could potentially be pretty dangerous to fish once darkness falls. You are always going to get rogue waves, and at night you may not see them coming.

Chesil Cove storm2

Lets hope that the conditions on Sunday are good, and that the water is still a bit rough and coloured. It should make the Chesil Cod open competition at Abbotsbury on Sunday very interesting. I expect there will be a large number of Cod weighed in, and with the first prize of £1000, you can be sure that there will be a lot of contestants. For more information on times and entry charges have a look at the Weymouth Angling Centre website

If you are after a bit less frantic fishing then the good news is Poole is fishing really well at the moment. There are some lovely flounder starting to show at numerous marks inside the harbour. Catches in the local Flounder league have been increasing with each competition. The largest fish caught during Wednesdays match was a 2lb 4oz fish by England junior international angler, Tom Whartnaby.

 Holes Bay has been producing  Bass and Flounder and is a lovely mark to fish, if you don’t mind doing a little bit of wading to reach the edge of the marsh.

Sea Conditions:

Water temperature 15.1 °c.

Chesil Beach: Currently unfishable, large waves and coloured water.

Portland:  2m+ waves, with coloured water.

Portland Harbour: wavelets with lightly coloured water

Weymouth Bay: Wavelets with slightly coloured water

Chesil Beach forecast: The beach is currently unfishable, but as it changes I will update the site. For more regular updates look on my Facebook page, as I can do live updates on there more easily. Once the beach is fishable again then expect Cod, Whiting, Bass and Dogfish throughout the day. If you are planning on coming down this weekend then unless you are fishing the Cod Comp, I would stay well clear of Abbotsbury. Also make sure you have ordered bait from the local tackle shops.

Portland: With very rough conditions until Sunday the best hope you have of getting some fish from the Island is to fish the higher ledges such as Chine.  You will have the chance of Wrasse, Pollock and Bass, ass well as Bull Huss from there. It is not a mark for the faint hearted or light fishing. With ledges well above the water you need heavy gear. This is one of the marks we will be featuring in the next month. 

Portland Harbour: A good choice to escape from the wind, and one mark that I have fished with lures this week. There are fish around that are happy to have a go at the ures, but water clarity is a must. It is lightly coloured at the moment, but the colour drops from it very quickly as the wind dies down. Top lures are surface lures for me at the moment. 

Weymouth Bay: This is always a favourite when the wind is strong from the SW. The pier as usual holds loads of species. Expect Garfish, Pout Pollock and Wrasse. 

Preston should produce some nice Flounder and Dabs, as well as Bass.

Poole: Flounder fishing in Poole harbour is starting to kick off with plenty of fish around the 1lb. mark. There is always lots of school Bass to keep you busy whilst you target the Flounders. We will be reporting a lot more from the Poole area, as a new member will be joining the Fishing Tails team. More will be revealed over the next week.

Guiding: I still have a few slots left between now and the end of the year, so if you are interested in lure or bait fishing over the next two most productive months of the year then drop me an email to

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