When I heard that Henry Gilbey had produced a new book last year, I was determined to get my hands on one and see if it was as good as his others. As an added thought I decided it might be a good idea to review it and it would be nice to give one away as a prize for fish of the month, so I bought three. One for myself and the other two as prizes for the June and July fish of the month. After ordering them from Amazon, I suddenly thought maybe I had been a bit premature in ordering three. What if it was rubbish, I could end up looking like a fool! On that front I need not have worried.

I will issue a warning at this stage. Do not buy this book, as it may cost you a lot of money! Why? Because you will want to go to so many of these destinations you will need to win it big on the lottery!

There are so many reasons why I hate this book: First there are the stunning pictures. Oh how I wish I could take just one, that was half as good. Then there are the destinations and the fish. From the start, after reading the description and getting drawn into the drama that is contained within only two pages. I feel the urge to go and fish there, only to turn the page and find I have already changed my mind and want to make the next destination my dream holiday for this year. Ten pages in and I am a wreck, not knowing which destination really is my favourite and wondering how on earth I can manage to scrape together enough money to visit just one this year. The worst thing is I have another 95 adventures to get through before I need to burn this book for the good of my bank balance and marriage, or secret it away and bring it out on those dark days when I don’t get out to fish and want to drift away to a fishing mark far away.

I have been lucky enough to have visited some of the destinations in the book and Henry describes them, just as I remember them. Each destination is accompanied by an award winning picture, and although there is only about a page of description, his easy writing style easily gets across the excitement of each location. The book is described as a coffee table book, well I don’t have a coffee table, so I wil keep it on my bedside table so I can grab it before I drift off to sleep and dream of the Ultimate Fishing Adventure. When you hear the words Coffee Table book you think of books costing a small fortune. Not in this case, the book retails at £20, but I have put a link in below to Amazon where you can get it for £12.80. Did I mention that I have one for the next two fish of the months competitions? Yes I think  did, what I didn’t mention was they will be signed by Henry.


Ulitimate Fishing Adventures
4.6 Total Score

Stunning locations and pictures


You will want to visit them all!



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