Do you want to know what the best fishing destinations in the world are? Over the next few months we will be looking at some of the best fishing on the planet. Some of these I have fished myself, others are written by people that I know and have fished with in the past and hope to again in the future.

I for one can’t afford the thousands charged by some of the specialist and larger companies to visit some of these dream fishing locations, but what I have done is team up with specialist guides and enthusiasts to share the excitement of a few the best fishing destinations in the world. This article is just a taster of the stories to come from those lucky anglers.

The Amazon Jungle – Steve Townson

Steve is well known as the fishing host of Amazon Angler, a company that specialises in extreme fishing holidays to the Jungle and Africa. He has a number of very exciting articles that I guarantee, will have you desperate to make a trip to one of the most amazing places in the world. I have been lucky enough to spend a few days filming and fishing in the Jungle and I can tell you that it is a Mecca for every angler, especially those that love to target predators on fly and lure.


Covering an area of 5.5M Km’s it is the world’s largest tropical rainforest It is famed for its biodiversity and is crisscrossed by thousands of rivers, including the powerful Amazon. It host 5,600 known fish species among them the formidable Piranha, giant Arapaima, Vampire fish, Pacu, multiple species of Catfish and my favourite the Peacock Bass.

You can travel to the area yourself and fish just about anywhere and you will catch fish, but this is definitely one of those locations that I recommend hiring a guide. They will keep you from getting lost and put you onto fish that will leave you with lifetime memories.

Costa Rica – Tom Tarrier 

Tom spends part of his time traveling the world and part time as one of the top commercial rod and line Bass fishermen in Weymouth. For the past few years Tom has lived in Costa Rica, a location that has been pretty much under the radar as a fishing destination, but I can see that changing soon and it is on my list of must go to places to target a species that I have longed to catch, the Rooster Fish.

Although they are probably the most stunning looking fish, Tom assures me that the location offers so many more exciting species including Mai Mai, Jack’s, Baracuda and Snapper to name but a few. Tom normally fishes the inshore waters, often within casting distance of the shore, but he believes that the shore fishing could be equally brilliant.

The Ascension Islands – Gavin Tyte

This is probably one of the most amazing fishing locations in the world. I have had the pleasure of visiting this remote destination on several occasions during my time in the Royal Navy. We didn’t stay there for any more than a day, but oh what amazing days they were. The biggest problem with the island is that it is very difficult to get to especially at the moment, as there are very few flights going in and out due to the runway needing repairs. Having said that it is hoped that work on the runway will commence soon and it would be wrong of me not to include the island in this post. Gavin has a number of articles that he has written for me about the Island that we will publish over the next few weeks, but check out his most recent one on home made poppers . I have known Gavin for many years and he has now moved to Bermuda, so you can guess where some of our future reports will be coming from.


I hope you enjoyed this little taster article, there are plenty of more destinations I haven’t touched on yet and each of the above will be featured in greater detail soon.  If there is enough interest I hope to offer accompanied guided trips and holidays to some of these destinations at a fraction of the cost that some companies charge, let me know via email if you are interested in any of them, so I can get an idea of numbers.

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