There can’t be many sea anglers out there who wouldn’t love to catch a big turbot and that’s exactly what Dave Barham and Jim Midgley are after when they head out over the famous Shambles Bank in this new episode of ‘Boat Fishing With Barham’ from Fishing TV.

The guys are champing at the bit, as in the week leading up to the trip umpteen 20lb-plus turbot have been fooled by drifting baits across the famous sand banks; and the boys are looking for a big flattie of their own.


Learn how tide strength, speed and wind direction all combine to produce perfect conditions for these mighty flatfish, and how learning to read them can result in success if you change your tactics at the right time, as turbot and plaice both make an appearance.

This made-for-TV episode is free to view here on this website in the new issue of Sea Watch online, on mobile, on tablet and on Samsung and Panasonic smart TV and blu ray. It’s split into three – just click on the link below to get going.


The episode is just one of many great programmes for sea anglers in Issue 19 of Sea Watch with other highlights including:

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Used & Abused: Majorcraft Crostage Rods (This is one of my favourite lure rods, which I thought I would share with you in this short video)

All of this and more is in the new issue of Sea Watch – the video magazine for shore and boat anglers everywhere. Watch here on this website online, on mobile or on tablet by clicking on the link below – or download the Fishing TV app on Samsung and Panasonic smart TV and blu-ray.




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