I mentioned earlier last week that I was in the process of making a major change to the website to completly change it and make it a lot better. I was a bit worried that the upgrade might cause some problems. Unfortunatly I have not even got to that stage yet. My trusty Macbook finally gave up on me, which is why there has been no updates to the site for the past few days. Luckily I have backed almost everything up on to an external hard drive. After hours of work and frustration, I have managed to get the latest forecast out and you will find it in the post below.

The problem facing me at the moment is that I do not have a Mac to allow me to easily continue to apdate the site or recover the data from the back up external drive to complete the site upgrade, so please stick with me whilst I try to sort the problems out and get another Mac.

The reason I need a Mac is that I have spent a small fortune on the Mac software that I need to edit pictures, videos and the website. If anyone has an old Mac with an OS X operating system that they could donate or loan to me untill I can buy afford to buy new Mac then please contact me so that I can keep the sight updated (free advertising and several days guiding on offer as a recompense). Drop me an eamil to sean@fishingtails.co.uk I can pick the emails up on my phone.

Thanks to you all.

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