Gosport Pier, Back for more LRF

Having thoroughly enjoyed our Light Rock Fishing trip to Gosport Pier, we have recently returned another four times to hone our technique and perfect the tackle set up. Rather than tying our own mini-rigs, Rich and I have opted to use small pre-tied traces. After experiencing a couple of pout deaths due to the difficult removal of barbed hooks, we decided to use barbless hooks to aid releasing the fish unharmed and allowing them to go back alive to fight another day. Our choice of tackle therefore, although a little unusual, was size 10 barbless carp hooks pre-tied to short nylon lengths. This was set up with a 1oz weight, running ledger style. The small 4ft inexpensive rods we were using were loaded with just 6lb mainline. And yes, we got some funny looks in the tackle shop, buying ragworm and freshwater tackle at the same time!

Rather than give a blow by blow account, here are the results of our trips to the Pier: ballan, corkwing, and goldsinny wrasse; common, rock and black goby; pout, whiting, long-spined bullhead, pollack and smoothound.


TheĀ  final catch goes to Rich, a pleasant surprise on the light setup that we were using:


A 38 cm Pollack caught on just a size 10 barbless carp hook!

With nearly 80 fish caught between us on the pier, the fishing competition we have between the two of us is hotting up. Rich is now on 157 fish for the year, and I’ve retaken the lead on 159. Our next trip will see us in search of some larger fish…

Until then, Tight lines and Stay Lucky.

Loraine ‘Lolly’ Perry

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