Peeler Crab is arguably the best shore fishing bait available. It is also the most expensive bait, unless you collect your own. I was surprised at the number of anglers that don’t use it simply because they don’t know how to hook and rig it.  I guess at a £1 a crab  I can understand the reluctance to use them if you dont know to hook them. In this post, by using pictures and video I will take you through step by step how to prepare a Peeler Crab.

First make sure you have everything that you need: A Peeler Crab of course. A good sized hook, I prefer 4/0 or 5/0 wide gape hooks; scissors or a knife to cut the crab and bait elastic.


Take you crab and remove the legs and claws, then turn it on its back.


Remove the shell from the underbelly and then peel of the top she making sure not to pull the new soft shell of with it.



Make sure all the shell has been removed. Cut the crab in half, from the back to the front.


Take one half of the crab and feed the hook through one of the leg sockets bringing it back out through the furthest away socket.



With the crab now hooked bind it on securely with bait elastic. Don’t be afraid too bind it on tightly. It will help prevent it flying of during casting and will help to prevent small fish tearing the bait up.


You now have a well presented and streamlined bait.


Clip it down behind a bait clip and cast out in the hope of a decent fish.


I have also created a video to show how to hook a Peeler Crab,  to make it as clear as possible.

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