Within the culinary world, Flounder are a very under rated fish. Which really is a shame as they are relatively easy to catch and are prolific around many UK shore marks, especially in the winter. I have had an entry for Januarys fish recipe competition from Steve Hooper. It has certainly got my taste buds going. If you want to know m0re about how to enter the competition we are running this year and the prizes then have a quick look at this delicious Dogfish article 

Flounder caught 15 Jan Poole harbour 2lb 2oz

2.2oz fish, fresh flounder

Fillet the flounder, you may like to skin the fillets, personally we love the skins.


Seasoned flour for dusting

1 x beaten egg

Home made breadcrumbs 75g

Finely chopped walnuts

Zest of lemon

Oil for frying

Garlic, parsley butter

1 x small clove of garlic

Dessert spoon of chopped parsley

Mix ingredients, form a firm ball and refrigerate


Mix breadcrumbs, walnuts and lemon zest together

first ingrediants


Pat dry fillets with kitchen paper

Lightly dust with flour mix and dust off, coat with beaten egg, then with slight firmness press in to breadcrumb mixture. Cover well.

Heat a pan with oil and shallow fry fillets, skin side up.

Gently fry the fillets until golden brown, then turn fillets over onto the skin side.

If the fillets curl due to the skin on just gently press fish slice on it for it while.

browned off

When fully cooked (8mins) remove fillets form pan, place on kitchen paper towel.

Slice the firm butter thinly and lay on centre of fish, pop fish in oven to soften the butter, 1


Garnish plates with peppery watercress and wedge of Lemon.

Lovely to squeeze lemon juice over fillet before eating, the fresh zingy taste with the textures and garlic butter is delicious

ready to eat


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