There are some good, some bad, and some ugly fishing blogs out there. I hope this one will be one of the good ones. To be honest I have very little experience in blogging, but I do know a lot about fishing.

I hope to make this blog and website different from the rest. I have so many plans for it that I am sure half of them wont even get on to the drawing board. I want to make it interesting to both experts and beginners alike.

Most of my fishing is done in Dorset and particularly around Weymouth and Portland. My main passion at the moment is lure fishing. I fish for Bass, Pollock, Wrasse and all manner of other salt water fish. This year’s challenge for me is to target Bream on lures.

I still get my beach caster out now and again to have a go for the winter Cod and Whiting on Chesil Beach, as well as the Plaice in the spring.

Over the next few months I will be putting up articles on all sorts, such as tackle reviews, how to use specific types of lures, watercraft, fishing marks and if I have time daily catch reports from around the area.

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