Really this is not a fishing forecast but a Bass forecast, as this is just about all you will be able to fish for today. It will simply be a case of where to fish.

Wind forecast SE 35mph dropping to 20mph, Current wind is SE 30mph. Weymouth high water 1.50pm 1.36m high.

Sea conditions: Rough on all beaches, water is very coloured. Temperature 10*c

Beach forecast: I will let the videos speak for themselves. Top one is Chesil Beach at 9am this morning filmed from Checkpoint. It is still fishable and as the wind is from the SE it offers a little bit of protection. The surf run off is around 5m and the wave height is around 2m. You will need a cast of about 30m to get behind the first big surf and hold it there with a 6oz gripper, big fish bait and the rod held high. Chance of a good size Bass is high.

A closer look at the surf on Chesil

The second video shows Preston Beach Weymouth at 9.30 this morning. The SE wind is driving a lovely surf all along the beach. it will be a bit more uncomfortable than Chesil, but I think it is more likely to produce a Bass. Though chances are there are going to be a lot of Schooly Bass. I will be fishing there myself this afternoon (would be now, but I have to work). Just cast out to the 3rd breaker. Choice of bait here is going to be Peeler, Mackerel, squid and Ragworm. Light surf rod with a 3or 4oz lead rolling around in the surf.


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