Talk about unpredictable weather, gale force winds and rough seas yesterday; flat calm today.


Wind forecast N 10mph. Current wind is 3mph. Weymouth high water 3.10pm 1.47m high.

Sea conditions: Calm but water is very coloured. Temperature 10*c

Beach forecast: tough one today as the Bass will have gorged themselves on crab yesterday and that normally meens that they dont need to feed for a day or two whilst they digest the shells. It might be worth giving Abbotsbury or West Bexington a go for some Plaice. With the water being coloured you are in with a good chance of a Ray and some Dogfish during the day as well as in dark. Checking first thing this morning I could see a fair bit of weed at the Eastern end of Chesil beach, especially Chesil Cove, but that should clear quite quickly.

Porrland: Marks on the West side will be good for a Bull Huss after the storm yesterday. Wrasse and Pollock fishing will be difficult with poor water clarity.

Boats: it looks like quite a few boats have got out this morning after the Turbot and Plaice on the Shambles

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