Strong winds are going to cause havoc with fishing today.

Wind forecast:  S 35mph, gusting 50mph. Current wind: SW 30mph

Chesil Cove showing the sea state at 1530 today

So this is my first attempt to embed video into my blog. I know its not great and the wind noise is a bit over powering, but this is more of an experiment than anything else. I will be putting a lot more better quality videos on the site in the future. I am just waiting for my GoPro HD Hero 2 to arrive.

Sea conditions: Rough and coloured Water temperature  9.9*c. Weymouth HW 10.15pm  1.9m high

Shore fish forecast:Chesil is  just fishable with large waves and a very big swell causing a fairly large run off. Chesil Cove is slightly better sheltered from the Southerly wind. It certainly looks very Bassy. The main problem is that the wind has now switched to the SW making casting very difficult.

Portland Harbour is fishable but will be uncomfortable in most places with the exception of Castletown.

Weymouth Beach Preston end looks like a good bet for a Bass in the surf. All locations I would recommend using a large Squid or Mackerel bait. `

Boats: All staying at home today.


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