Looks like it is going to be another lovely day today, with plenty of fish on the cards. I had a great afternoon of fishing yesterday and I seen a lot of you out there, especially down at Portland Bill. It really seems like lure fishing is catching up with bait fishing in popularity. Yesterdays session down the Bill proved that those lure fishing caught more than those using conventional bait tactics including float fishing. One thing is for sure, once you have the hang of lure fishing, even using soft plastics for Wrasse you will lose a lot less gear than if you are ledgering.

Wind forecast NW 10mph,

Water Temperature: 11.6*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 8.54pm, 2.08m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Calm with a slight ripple. Water clarity is good

Portland Bill: Calm with a slight ripple. Water clarity is good

Portland Harbour: Calm, water is slightly coloured.

Weymouth Bay: Calm with good water clarity.

Chesil Beach forecast: Lots of Mackerel all along the beach. Also lots and lots of Dogfish, both at night and during the day. Gurnards starting to show more regularly along from Chesil Beach car park on Portland Road, Weymouth. Bream have not turned up in significant numbers, but the odd one or two are showing.

Portland: Great conditions for Pollock and Wrasse on worm or lure. The conditions will be good to try and target a Bass at dawn or dusk, as well as into darkness. Use large lures fished slowly, with darker colours working best. Lots of Garfish showing in the tide rips around the Bill.

Portland Harbour: Finally the water clarity is great and I can see lots of bird activity, indicating plenty of bait fish. This is when the harbour comes alive with Bass. Without a doubt lure fishing is the most effective method for these fish. However if you just fancy a lazy session then Ragworm or Peeler crab will produce. Top mark for today would be Sandsfoot Castle over high water

Weymouth Bay: Stone Pier is fishing well at the moment with lots of different species being caught all the way along it.

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