If you are looking to have a go on Chesil today then I would get out whilst you can. We have some pretty windy conditions forecast, starting from around midnight tonight.

Wind forecast:  SW 20mph. Current wind: S 5mph

Sea conditions:  Very little swell and a slight ripple on the surface, the water has cleared nicely on the beach, but rock marks on Portland and Kimmeridge Bay still have a lot of weed on them. Water temperature  9.8*c. Weymouth HW 4.20 pm  1.52m high.

Shore fish forecast: Nice calm conditions with a smallish tide will give some nice Plaice and Dabs from Abbotsbury, West Bexington and Cogden. Normal baits of Ragworm tipped with squid, Mussels or Peeler Crab fished with some beads and a plain sinker, should search out the fish. At the Weymouth end I have heard reports of some Gurnard being caught, along with the normal dogfish and Pout on an evening session.

Plenty of Mackerel about and the odd Bass coming in close.

Portland: Conditions are good enough for me to get my lures out and target some Wrasse and Pollock around the Bill before the weather breaks and the clarity diminishes. When the SW comes through there is always a chance of some nice Bass from the Island, but do take care as it can get pretty dangerous if you don’t know your marks.

Windspit may be a good choice over the next couple of days, as it has a good reputation for fishing during a big South Westerly. Mackerel, Squid and Sandeel are great baits at that mark.

Boats: Turbot fishing should pick up again now that the tides are increasing. Plenty of Plaice still on the Mussel beds, but the fleet are almost certainly not going to be out over the next couple of days.

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