A bit better fishing conditions today, than it has been for the last couple of days.

Wind forecast:  W 10mph. Current wind: W 5mph

Sea conditions:  Very little swell and a slight ripple on the surface, the water has cleared nicely from the past couple of days wind, 9.8*c Weymouth HW 11.30 am  1.71m high.

Shore fish forecast: Tides are now starting to return to mid sized tides, meaning that the marks such as West Bexington, Abbotsbury and Cogden will hopefully return to there recent form. If you are targetig Plaice make sure you have plenty of bling on your rig as this will help with your catch rate in the slightly coloured water. Because of the colouration in the water, Mackerel fishing and lure fishing for Bass will not be as prolific as it has in the past week.

Night time fishing all along the beach is producing nice Smoothound with lots of Dogfish and Pout. A few Rays have been caught towards Charmouth.

Portland: I will be out trying for some Wrasse on lures around Portland today. The water clarity should produce some nice fish. Other species you are likely to catch are Pollock and Bass. All species can be caught on Bait, but my preferred method both financially and for success is to use lures. Soft plastics for Wrasse and Bass, with hard plastics for Bass and Pollock. I have been trying the new rapture lures that all come in for less than a tenner and I have to say they look and fish every bit as good as lures twice the price, that they look very similar to.

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