Despite the appalling weather yesterday quite a few people were brave enough to venture out. I have to admit being a woose and staying at home. Today is a different story. The winds have switched back to the West and dropped a lot, leaving much easier fishing conditions. It is a bit of a tough choice day today. Do you watch Andy Murray potentially make history as the first Scotsman to ever win Wimbledon and the first Brit for 79 years, or watch what should be quite a dramatic British Grand Prix, or take advantage of the weather and go fishing. Is it possible to do all three. Reports from all over the area suggest that almost all of the summer fish have now arrived. The only one that is missing is my favourite the Red Mullet.

Water Temperature: 14.5*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 11.01pm, 2.08m

Wind NW 15mph switching to the West from Midday

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Be aware of the swell today, even though the beach is relatively calm it is in conditions like today that you get the rouge waves that can sweep away all your kit and even yourself. There are quite a few rafts of weed in the Chesil Cove area and the water has a bit of colour in it. It is clearer towards Abbotsbury.

Portland Harbour: Calm. Water is slightly coloured.

Weymouth Bay: Calm but the water coming from the harbour is very dirty and contains lots of fresh water.

Chesil Beach forecast: Mackerel should be plentiful all the way along the beach if you are a fairly decent caster. Those that struggle to cast will most likely struggle to get the Mackerel as well, as they are going to be around 80yds of the beach due to the silt still hanging in the water towards the surf line. Other species such as Bream, Bass Gurnard and Dabs that do not rely so much on site to feed should be within casting of most anglers. If you are struggling for distance or think you need to get that extra 10yds to drop into the feeding zone, then use a single hook clipped trace, with a small to medium sized bait. Ragworm tipped with Squid will target most species. If you have the cash then spend it on some Peeler Crab for the chance of a better specimen or a Smoothound that seem to be around in regular numbers.

Portland Harbour: Still suffering from freshwater run of from the Fleet. This wont effect the Flounder fishing but it may knock the Bream and Bass a bit.

Weymouth Bay: As predicted yesterday, Preston was the mark to fish. Plenty of Bass came out the dirty surf. Conditions will be very different today, but the water is still dirty so it may mean that some Bass are still hanging around.

Kimmeridge Bay. The big tides will lift the rafts of weed into the water, creating a feeding frenzy for Bass and Mullet. Lures and fly fishing will be good now the wind has died down.

Boat and Kayak fishing: Should be good in Portland Harbour today and along the East side of Portland. Get out there and let me know what you are catching.


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