Despite the weather not being fantastic for the past couple of days the sea tempreture has risen considerably in the past week, with a full 1 degree C rise. This is sure to bring the summer species to our inshore waters. I would expect Bream to start appearing in numbers later this week, with some Trigger fish in amongst them.

Wind forecast SSE 22mph,

Water Temperature: 13.2*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 8.22pm, 2.36m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Small waves building in size throughout the afternoon, with a 1m swell. Water is slightly coloured

Portland Bill: 1m swell becoming rougher as the wind increases around 4pm. Water clarity is good with just a slight colouration.

Portland Harbour: Wavelets; water clarity is good. Lots of windsurfers around today, there are likely to be less around tomorrow after the bank holiday.

Weymouth Bay: Calm . Water clarity is good.

Chesil Beach forecast: Chesil is fishing pretty poorly at the moment. The May Water has had its usual effect of killing of the fishing even at night. Mackerel are still present all along the beach. Chesil Cove will offer the best shelter from the SSE winds today and should produce Wrasse, Pollock and if you are lucky a Bass. Expect to see some Gurnard and Bream in your catches. The weather forecast says to expect strong winds on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully that will break up the May Water and see conditions improving for next week.

Portland: SSE wind is probably about the worst direction you could have for fishing Portland. It makes it difficult to find easily accessible marks that are sheltered from the wind. For those with Mountain Goat genes, then there are some good marks on the West side that could easily produce nice Bass and Pollock, as well as some good Bull Huss.

Portland Harbour: This is one area that normally colours up fairly easily that is currently clear. Try from Ferrybridge all along to the sailing club at Sandsfoot. Bass and Bream have been caught all along that stretch, mostly coming on Peeler Crab or Ragworm, with lures taking a few Bass. Don’t waste your time trying to fish into the channel at ferrybridge on the bottom. With spring tides all you will get is weed if you are lucky enough to get your rigs back. The owners of the pontoon at the boatyard at Ferrybridge have become fed up with anglers and have now put up signs prohibiting fishing.

Weymouth Bay: This is probably the safest bet for some fish today. Plenty of fish were caught all along the length of both piers with some nice Bass caught on small lures.



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