Not much change today from yesterday. But it will be very different tomorrow with the winds building this afternoon into a storm over night. This will be your  last chance for a few days to target Wrasse on lures, as the colour increases in the water the Wrasse move out to clearer water to feed.

Wind forecast SE 15mph increasing to SE 25mph this evening.

Water Temperature: 13.2*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 2.36pm, 1.46m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Calm with a slight swell, this will build later on this afternoon and into evening. Water is currently clear.

Portland Bill:  Calm. Water is clear, but as above it will build up from this afternoon.

Portland Harbour: Calm, Water clarity is good all round

Weymouth Bay: Calm with good water clarity.

Chesil Beach forecast: Plaice, Dabs and Sole from Cogden and West Bexington.  Plenty of Mackerel along the beach now. Dogfish and Pout at night with the odd Bass coming to large baits. A couple of unexpected Smoothounds popped up yesterday and as the tides build they should increase in numbers. If you are thinking of coming down to Chesil for mackerel over the weekend I would think again, especially for Friday and Saturday as the water will be dirty.

Portland: Will fish well until the water colours then it may well fish for Bull Huss on the West side. Plenty of Pollock and Garfish around off the Bill. Lures or float fished Mackerel will take both species.

Portland Harbour: Lots of Mullet in Portland Harbour and a few Bass showing as well as Flounder

Weymouth Bay: The expected SE wind will put a bit of surf in the water. If it builds up enough it will be a good spot for Bass on big baits.


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