Despite the wind dropping over night Chesil is still very lumpy and as of 8.50am this morning it is unfishable. This is most likely to change throughout the day as the wind drops further.

Wind forecast SW 19mph dropping to 13mph,

Water Temperature: 13.4*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 11.22am, 1.83m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Rough with a dangerous swell. Water is coloured. There is a lot of weed along the beach especially in Chesil Cove.

Portland Bill: A dangerous swell hitting both sides of the Bill.

Portland Harbour: Small waves, Water is coloured especially at Ferrybridge

Weymouth Bay: Wavelets . Water clarity is slightly tinged.

Chesil Beach forecast: Currently unfishable but as the sea drops it could well produce a decent Bass to a large bait fished in close. Baits will need to be large and smelly. Peeler crab would be excellent.

Portland: With a lot of weed and coloured water around Wrasse and Pollock fishing will be badly affected. If it is safe then fishing the Bill over high water with blue or pink lures has produced some lovely Bass for me in the past in similar conditions.

Portland Harbour: A fairly calm alternative to most marks. The nets that were there earlier in the week have been lifted, at least for the moment. They did contain large numbers of Thornbacks from less than 60yds out. Bass will also be around but they will have to be fished for on bait as the water is highly coloured.

Weymouth Bay: This is probably the safest bet for some fish today. Plenty of fish were caught all along the length of both piers with some nice Bass caught on small lures.

Boats: The Weymouth charter fleet have stayed in port today and small boat owners should take heed, unless you are launching from Portland Harbour and are going to stay within the confines of the harbour, where Bass, Pollock Mackerel and Thornbacks will be the target species.

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