It is going to be a wild one today with high SW winds gusting to almost 50mph.This will basically make Chesil unfishable. On a positive note it should break up the May water that has been killing the fishing recently. The local commercial fishermen have netted all along the beach road in Portland Harbour completely ruining any chance of fishing along there. They have been catching a lot of Thornbacks in there nets set only 50m from the shore. Unfortunately they are allowed to fish so close to shore so there is very little we can do about it.

Wind forecast SW 35mph gusting 48mph,

Water Temperature: 13.6*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 10.44pm, 2.13m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Rough with a dangerous swell. Water is coloured.

Portland Bill: Rough on the West side but a bit more sheltered on the East.

Portland Harbour: Small waves, Water is coloured especially at Ferrybridge

Weymouth Bay: Wavelets . Water clarity is good.

Chesil Beach forecast: It will be unfishable from this afternoon until around the same time tomorrow.

Portland: Chine may fish if the water is not too coloured or you could try Church Ope Cove to find shelter but there is likely to be a lot of weed in there. There is a good chance of a Bass down the Bill when the wind is not so strong.

Portland Harbour: Fishing nets and coloured water do not make a good combination. Sandsfoot Castle will provide some shelter it is likely the only species there will be Flounder as the Bass will be feeding in the rough water.

Weymouth Bay: This is probably the safest bet for some fish today. Plenty of fish were caught all along the length of both piers with some nice Bass caught on small lures.

 Winspit: If there is one mark that fishes above all other in a SW storm then it is Winspit. It is a bit of a drive to get there and a fair old trek once you are there but fishing can be really good. Bass, Bream Rays and Bull Huss all come from the one mark.

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