Windy conditions again just like yesterday. This is certainly making fishing conditions on Chesil a little challenging. Looking at the wind forecast it is likely to stay the same tomorrow, but it should calm down to a reasonable wind on Sunday. The beach conditions certainly suite Bass fishing. If you are looking to come down and fish for Mackerel I would wait until Sunday unless you are a long range caster.

Water Temperature: 16.1*c             Weymouth High Tide: 8.50pm, 2.39m

Wind: SW 21mph

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: 2m waves turning rougher this afternoon. Water is lightly coloured. Rafts of weed building in Chesil Cove. The surf line backwash is over 5m.

Portland: 2m waves. Water is lightly coloured

Portland Harbour: Calm. Water is clear

Weymouth Bay: Calm with the water clear.

Chesil Beach forecast: There is quite a wide surf backwash on the beach at present. This causes all sorts of problems even for those casting in very close for a Bass. Casting is going to be a bit of a problem for novice anglers and the Mackerel do not like coloured water, so they are likely to move out of casting range. It does not stop the Bass or Smoothound feeding. Peeler Crab will be the best bait, but for those not willing to pay the extortionate price for crabs, then try a large fish bait of the Bass. Bream and Gurnard can be caught with a strip of Squid being a great attractant.

Portland: The rougher conditions attract Bass and Bull Huss to marks on Portland such as Blacknor. Big fish baits do well in these conditions, with night time offering a better chance of a Bull Huss.

Portland Harbour: Wrasse and small Pollock are being caught around Ferrybridge. Mullet are plentiful around Sandsfoot Castle.

Weymouth Bay: Lots of different species coming from the Stone Pier, but nothing of any great size. It is a spot that Mackerel can be caught as the water normally remains clear. Please note that feathering for Mackerel from either of the piers in Weymouth is not allowed.

Boat & Kayak fishing: Not great boat conditions again today, but some of the Charter fleet will be out. I am hoping to get a Kayak at some time this summer and take advantage of some great marks within Portland Harbour. The harbour restrictions should be lifted on Monday allowing access to some of my favourite small boat marks like the Hood.

Olympic Update: The beach is still very empty and car parking at all the usual fishing marks such as Chesil Beach and Portland Bill all have plenty of spaces.

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