Latest reports suggest that the fishing on the beach was better yesterday that it has been for the past week. My top mark suggestion for this weekend would be Portland.

Wind forecast ESE 18mph,

Water Temperature: 12.8*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 5.44pm, 2.05m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: A little bit of a chop and a small swell; water clarity is good,

Portland Bill: slight swell and some chop on the East side, but generally calm on the West side; water is  clear.

Portland Harbour: Wavelets; water clarity is good but slightly coloured at Ferrybridge. The main problem in the harbour this weekend will be windsurfers and kiters.

Weymouth Bay: Small waves that could build into a decent surf if the wind comes from the East . Water clarity is good.

Chesil Beach forecast: Lots of Mackerel all along the beach, but they do seem to be at distance. Bigger tides for the weekend should stir things up a bit but it has been quite on the beach. If you are looking to target a Ray this weekend then Seaton would be my mark of choice, there has been some nice Undulate Rays caught from there this week. Sandeel or Peeler Crab being the top bait. Expect a few Smoothounds to show on the deeper water marks such as Bridging Camp and langton Herring. Chesil Cove to the bird sanctuary should produce Gurnards and some early Bream. I have heard of a single Trigger coming off one of the reefs near the landing craft.

Portland: The island has produced some really nice fish for the past week. As long as the water clarity remains good then it should continue to do well. Large Garfish, Wrasse, Pollock and the odd Bass have all come on lures. Worm and Mackerel fished under floats have also had some success. That is where I will be fishing this weekend.

A typical lure caught Portland Wrasse of around 3lb

Portland Harbour: The harbour has gone a little quite for the past couple of days. It had been fishng very well, but the May water seems to have taken hold more strongly in the warmer confines of the harbour. The Easterly wind will colour up the water a bit. I noticed a number of Anglers fly fishing the area around Ferrybridge yesterday evening, but so far I have not heard of any catch reports from them.

Weymouth Bay: A little bit quiet around the bay at the moment. Plenty of small fish from both piers. The wind has proved to be more SE than the predicted Easterly that would have made Preston an inviting choice. There is a bit of surf running but it is not really churning the water up as much as I would like.

 Boat and Kayak: The Easterly wind will make boat fishing a little bit less comfertable than it has been recently. Though boats getting round to the West side and fishing Blacknor or Stennis Ledges, should be in for some good sport, with Black Bream and Rays coming to the boats. Kayak fishing in Portland Harbour is going to be a bit uncomfertable today, however those willing to drag their Kayaks down to Chesil Cove will have good sheltered fishing all along the West side. Great for Wrasse, Pollock, Bass, Gurnard and even Plaice.

I have been out testing the new range of lures from Seaspin this past week. Preliminary trials have proved how good these lures are, especially for there price. They are not the cheapest on the market but fit more into the mid range price point and have the same quality of finish that you get from lures in the £20 price range. The top choice for me at the moment is the Pro -Q 120, I love the way that it is so easy to “walk the dog” with it with very little effort. I will put up an article this week on how to work the lure and when it is best to use it. Chesil Bait n Tackle have a limited stock of them and there are only 3 other shops in the UK and Ireland that are currently selling them and selling them very quickly. I can see this lure taking over from the Patchinko as the best top water lure available.

Seaspin Pro -Q 120 in White and TRB colour

Seaspin Pro -Q 120 in White and TRB colour


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