Some not so good news to start the day. Unfortunately one of my predictions from a couple of weeks ago has occurred. I warned of the dangers of potential cliff falls and landslides from all the rain we had and yesterday afternoon there was a huge landslip at Burton Bradstock. 400 tonnes of rock and mud crashed onto the beach killing a 23 year old woman who was walking with her family. I know that spot well and have often seen anglers fishing under those cliffs. The cliffs are quickly drying out in this weather and the water is drying up, causing the soil to constrict and crack, then ultimately come crashing down. Expect more such falls in the near future and keep away from fishing under cliffs.

The other bad news is that the whole of Portland Bill and in fact most of Portland has been Gill netted all within casting distance. Why oh why is this allowed. It completely messes up the fishing for locals and holidaymakers alike.  Rumour has it that the boat that has put them down isn’t even local. We need the tourists money in Weymouth & Portland. If they wont spend money in the tackle shops because the fishing is poor then we all lose out, whilst some fishermen from outside the area makes the money.

The third bit of bad news, though I really shouldn’t complain too much about this, is that the lovely calm winds and bright sunshine has all but killed daytime lure fishing. Looks like I will either have to go in the evening or get up very early, or get the smelly stuff out.

Water Temperature: 15.5*c             Weymouth High Tide: 11.41pm, 1.9m

Wind: There is no wind today

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Calm and the water is clear along the beach with the exception of the area I reported over the past week around West Bexington where it is slightly coloured.

Portland: Calm the water is clear.

Portland Harbour: Calm. Water is clear

Weymouth Bay: Calm with the water clear.

Chesil Beach forecast: The beach is fishing exceptionally well now. Bream, Gurnard, lots of Smoothound, a few Bass, Garfish and lots of Mackerel. The Bream are more towards the Portland end of Chesil, but the rest of the fish are all along the beach. I have heard no reports of any Triggers being caught, but I have heard of some nice Congers coming from Moonfleet and all the way to West Bexington.

Portland: Gill nets have kiiled most of the fishing with the exception of Wrasse and Garfish..

Portland Harbour: A few small Bass and Black Bream have come from the shallow water areas along Hamm Beach as well as some nice Flounder.

Weymouth Bay: Stone Pier is a great mark to take your kids and introduce them to the numerous species that live on it during the summer. Bream, Pollock, Wrasse and even Bass can be caught by just dropping a line over the side. A great way to spend a summer day in Weymouth..

Boats and Kayaks: Great weather for boat. I am going out on a boat this afternoon, so I will give a catch report later.


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