The wind forecast for today is similar to yesterday, but I hope that it actually stays in the forecast direction unlike yesterday, where it seemed to change every five minutes to every point in the compass. I put this down as the cause for me having a rare blank yesterday. After lure fishing all day with a friend, our sum total between us was one Bass and one mackerel for him and one Wrasse bite for me. So out to try again today, but this time I will be on the beach with bait

Water Temperature: 14.6*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 1.30pm, 1.67m

Wind W 20mph

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Small waves, water clarity is good but there is a thin line of weed stretching the whole length of the beach.

Portland: Slight swell with small waves. Water clarity is good.

Portland Harbour: Calm. Water is clear

Weymouth Bay: Calm but the water coming from the harbour is very dirty and contains lots of fresh water.

Chesil Beach forecast: Reports are the beach is fishing very well. Plaice, Dabs, Gurnard and Rays from the Western end of the beach, with West Bexington fishing especially well. The Portland end of Chesil has produced more Bream and Gurnard. Night tides are producing hundreds of Dogfish all along the beach

Portland: With clearer water the Wrasse and Pollock fishing will return back to the form it was in earlier last week. Have a go at fishing soft plastics for Wrasse and you might  pick up a bonus Bass during the day. Try soft plastics at night and you will have a high chance of catching a decent Bass. Plenty of Garfish around if you want to target them on lures or float fished Mackerel strip. I tried on the Island yesterday but the continually changing wind direction hampered my attempts.

Portland Harbour: Flounder and Bass from Hamm Beach and Sandsfoot Castle, though the Bass are few and far between. Mainly due to the commercial fishermen netting the harbour.

Weymouth Bay: With so much fresh water coming down from the harbour it is making fishing very difficult. Tonight’s junior competition on the Stone Pier will give a good indicator as to how it is likely fish for the next couple of days.

Boat and Kayak fishing: Great opportunities for all types of boat fishing today. The Weymouth Charter Fleet will be out targeting Bream from the banks. Smaller boat owners can get to a lot more marks with the better winds.


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