Despite the fairly settled weather the water still remains with a lot more colour in it than I would prefer. This encourages the Pout and Dogfish to feed during the day and robs the bait away from the more exciting species such as the Bream. The Swell on Chesil has also remained annoyingly large. I have been desperate to launch my Kayak over on Chesil, but I know that all that will happen is I will end up capsizing as I launch or more likely as I land, then end up snapping my rods.

Water Temperature: 17.6*c             Weymouth High Tide: 10.00pm, 2.29m

Wind: SW 8mph, building up to 19mph this evening

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Calm with a 1m swell. The water is still silty with a milky tinge to it. There are still some large rafts of weed about especially down the Portland end.

Portland: Calm with a 1m swell, water is slightly coloured

Portland Harbour: Calm with fairly coloured water, visibility is around 1m.

Weymouth Bay: Calm with slightly coloured water.

Chesil Beach forecast: A few Mackerel around but the clarity or lack of it is keeping them in the deeper water further from shore. The Black Bream seem to have arrived in numbers on this spring tide. Reports of them being caught from Portland to Abbotsbury. Ragworm tipped with squid seems to be the best bait at the moment. Plenty of Dabs and a few Plaice as well as the odd Bass from Abbotsbury end.

Portland: The Wrasse have gone back on the feed after a few days of very little sign of them. Some nice Pollock and Garfish coming on float fished Mackerel strips. Not great for the lure fishing until the water clears.

Portland Harbour: Not fishing very well at all at the moment. Went out on my Kayak yesterday and managed a couple of small Bass but not a lot else.

Weymouth Bay: Not a great deal has been happening of the piers of late. A few Mackerel and Wrasse with some evening Pollock and Pout. There will be a meeting organised by Will Harding this evening for anyone interested in LRF fishing. They are meeting outside the Old Rooms at 6.45pm before heading to the Stone Pier for 7pm. If you are remotely interested come down and speak to Will. Don’t worry if you don’t have any LF gear as there are plenty guys willing to show and share. hopefully I will be there with my new gear and anyone can borrow it if they want a go.

Boat & Kayak fishing: I am out on the first Fishing Tails boat trip this morning. I am hoping catch some Bream and maybe a Plaice or two. The next boat trip that I am organising is on Wednesday the 29th of August. It will be a morning start for a 5 hour trip on the local banks and reefs for only £25. Email me if you are interested

I have one space available on a lure workshop on Monday the 27th in the afternoon. Have a look in the guiding and lessons section for more details.


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