Fishing Tails, fishing forecast 24thAugust 2012

Hang on to your hats as its going to get windy over the next 36 hours. Which is a shame as the fishing improved over the past couple of days, especially yesterday. I managed a Smoothound in a short session, but I know plenty other fish that were landed including some nice Bream and Bass.

Water Temperature: 17.6*c             Weymouth High Tide: 11.45am, 1.81m


Wind: S 10mph increasing  to SW 22mph, around lunchtime. It is going to be a lot stronger tomorrow with winds exceeding 30mph.

Sea Conditions:


Chesil Beach: Calm with a small swell, and currently the water is clear. However this afternoon it will build to in excess of 3m.

Portland: Calm with a small swell, water is clear, but as above it will build in size laer.

Portland Harbour: Calm with almost clear water.

Weymouth Bay: Calm with clear water.


Chesil Beach forecast: The medium sized tides are by far my favourite. You should be able to target all the summer species for most of the day, including Mackerel, Bream, Gurnard and Smoothound. However as the wind picks up and the wave size grows you will be limited to Bass fishing in the surf. Not such a bad thing with the possibility of a large Bass on Mackerel head or Peeler Crab. Plenty of Plaice and Dabs coming from the Abbotsbury end of Chesil, but again this will be difficult to fish later this afternoon.

Portland: Some nice Wrasse and Pollock being caught on both bait and lures. Whilst I was fishing there yesterday afternoon, I seen a spear fisherman come out of the water with 2 nice Bream, a 5lb Cod and a huge 12lb Bass. I almost cried! He did say that they were about 300m off on the ledges.

Portland Harbour: A few school Bass being caught around Ferrybridge on lures and along the beach towards Sandsfoot Sailing Club. You should be able to get some Flounder and Black Bass from the same marks using Ragworm.

Weymouth Bay: Some nice Pollock and Wrasse being landed on both piers over the past couple of days. With the wind picking up, the pier will be a good safe place to catch fish. Mackerel and Garfish can often be caught on float fished Mackerel strip. No feathering is allowed on the pier. The recent LRF meeting was a great success, more details can be found on Will Hardings blog

On Sunday Weymouth Angling Society are having their annual crab fishing competition. It is a great family day out and worth a visit to the harbour. I will put full details up tomorrow.



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