You know it is a Friday when the wind gets up and makes fishing Chesil almost impossible for the whole day. This is the 3rd Friday in a row that this has happened. Still it gives the water a good churning up and creates a good environment for Bass.

Wind forecast SW 25mph gusting 35mph

Water Temperature: 14.6*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 2.58pm, 1.64m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Rough with a long surf line. Water is coloured but not too dirty

Portland Bill:  Very rough on the West side. East side has a large swell. Water is coloured

Portland Harbour: Wavelets, water is clear except at Ferrybridge

Weymouth Bay: Wavelets; water is clear

Chesil Beach forecast: Pretty much unfishable and will remain so for the rest of the day. The wind is dropping tomorrow morning, which should make the beach fishable with care. Target species will be Bass and Smoothound with the odd Ray from the Western end. It is highly unlikely that the water will clear enough for any Mackerel fishing.

Portland: It will be a real struggle to fish most of the marks except Chine and Church Ope Cove. There is a high chance of getting a Bass on a lure from the ledges to the East of the Bill point, but take great care as it can be very dangerous. If in doubt don’t fish them.

Portland Harbour: There has been very few Bass in the harbour this week and with the weather and small tides I cant see that improving this weekend. However the Bream are in the harbour as are many other species including Thornback Ray and Flounder. There are large numbers of Mullet feeding along the rocks in front of the Coastguard helicopter base.

Weymouth Bay: Once again the piers will make an easy and sheltered fishing platform. Nothing of huge interest has been landed this week, but a good variety of species can be expected. Preston Beach can produce nice Rays and some Sole at this time and in these conditions.

Boat and Kayak fishing: The charter fleet will not be out today nor anyone else wanting to head offshore. That wont stop Kayak and small boat owners enjoying some excellent fishing within Portland Harbour. I spent a couple of hours on my friends little boat yesterday and he had 5 different species on 5 drifts around the entrance to the harbour. Ragworm seemed to be the favoured bait, even more so than Peeler Crabs.




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