Getting more and more requests from customers for lures and traces ready to fish out of the bag. I can understand why when you see some of the un-prepared anglers out on the charter boats missing so many drifts and lost fishing time because they hadn’t prepared rigs and lures for quick re-rigging when they snap off or want a change of lure.

Lures and rigs

Time and time again you see them go back to their tackle boxes to sort all the bits needed to make a new rig. My lure box is loaded with a range of lures all with a 4m traces tied that I can pull out of it’s bag, cut the trace to required size and tie it straight on the leader rig. I fish three styles of main rig either the two shown in the image and a third using one of my 6″ booms if fishing an unweighted lure on a long trace.

The 3way swivel and portland rigs are all in one mono which is also the rubbing leader of approx 4m and tied straight to my braid main line. The Portland rig has a stop knot approx. 50cm above the weight swivel so the lure trace can slide up to it. I’m always ready for the first drop and don’t lose any drifts either so it makes sense to prep your rigs and lures before you get on the boat and prevent lost drifts and potential catch losses.


The catch images are some of my fishing buddies who cleaned up on a cod and pollock trip using pre made rigs and lures with traces, they spent the time before getting on the boat tieing Portland rigs and used my lures and didn’t miss many drifts at all. You know it makes sense !!

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